A Venn Diagram of Chanukkiving–Thanksgiving and Chanukah

Happy Chanukkiving everyone! I do hope you’re thinking about what you are thankful for if you’re in America, and if you’re Jewish I also hope you are thinking that A Great Miracle Happened There. Today is Thanksgiving Day and the second night of Chanukah. Last time this ever happened, ’twas 1846! I don’t think anyone alive now was alive then. We are very lucky to experience this calendar coincidence because this is once-in-a-lifetime.

Well, yeah, it is really Thanksgivukkah, but I want equal parts of Chanukah and Thanksgiving. So if you’re in the Imagination Igloo, please say Chanukkiving.

But let’s get to the point. It’s Chanukkiving/Thanksgivukkah, but are we merging religions? Don’t get me wrong–I absolutely LOVE diversity. I just want to bring this topic up. The people who started Thanksgiving were Christians from England, and the people who started Chanukah were Jews. Let’s make a Venn Diagram.

We all know how Chanukah and Thanksgiving are different, so jot away. But now as I think about it, Thanksgiving and Chanukah have A LOT in common. For example–Thanksgiving and Chanukah celebrate FREEDOM, and Thanksgiving has ROOTS in the Jewish harvest holiday Sukkot.

I feel like a jerk for trying to get out all those differences from Chanukah and Thanksgiving. But I feel thankful that I made this mistake, because then I found out that those two holidays were the same in many ways. I am thankful for mistakes.

What about you?


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