Why are we keeping Jesus out of Christmas?

Okay. Let’s say you don’t practice a religion. So whenever Christmas comes around, you feel obligated to celebrate it since everyone else does, and you buy a tree, sing some carols, etc. On the radio, the news is featuring reporters talking to Santa Claus. Out of this Christmas excitement and jingle, you don’t hear a word about any Jesus Christ.

Precisely. In America, most people who think of Christmas immediately picture snow, bundling up, and Santa. They would think of trimmed evergreen trees topped with big golden stars and wrapped in colorful lights and ornaments. Underneath a typical Christmas tree would be dozens and dozens of presents tied with smooth shiny ribbon that curls when cut.

But the majority religion in America is Christianity, more specifically Protestantism. Now many practicing Protestants say that we must keep Jesus out of Christmas. Christmas happens during December, which would be winter where Jesus was born. If you read the story of the Nativity, you’d come across something about paying taxes to the Romans and shepherds watching their sheep. In Judea where Jesus was born, winter would be rainy. People wouldn’t have paid taxes to the Romans in winter and shepherds would have taken their sheep to a shelter if it rained. I am Roman Catholic, and since no one knows exactly when Jesus was born, Roman converts picked it according to their former pagan practices. Jesus was probably born in late summer or fall. Protestants insist that Christmas is entirely pagan. “Get Jesus outta here quick or else!”

Logically speaking, of course it’s not. Use your common sense. When people celebrate Christmas, they don’t prepare sacred shrines dedicated to many gods. But everyone has different ways of celebrating holidays. Germans brought evergreen trees to the picture, and in Australia December is summertime, so they bring out the barbecue and go to the beach. Santa is St. Nicholas, who was a ROMAN CATHOLIC CARDINAL WHO GAVE LITTLE PRESENTS TO HELP OUT THE POOR! When those reporters interview Santa, I bet no one would ever ask, “What’s your opinion on Pope Francis not really being Argentinian?”

I think what the Protestants mean is the date of Christmas, not the holiday itself. Maybe we could slowly move Christmas to somewhere in late summer or fall…?


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