Weekly Writing Challenge: Dear Abby (The Daily Post)

My name is not Abby, nor is it Abigail Von Buren. Or Jean Marie Laskas. But here I’m supposed to be the advice columnist. So let us start with Dear Luna.

DEAR LUNA: My daughter loves to read anything she can get her hands on. But she was surfing the web one time, and somehow she wove her way into reading “parenting mistakes”. Now every time I scold/yell at her, my daughter points out parenting mistakes I’ve done. I tell her that those don’t apply to every parent. Who is right, and should I really listen to the parenting mistakes my daughter tells me? -AFRAID OF BEING A BAD PARENT

DEAR AFRAID: Look up parenting mistakes on the Internet. Sort out the ones that do apply to you. If you’ve made any of them, apologize to your daughter that you’ll do better next time. Parents are the example, right? So try to set a good example.

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