Halloween tips

  • If you’re a pumpkin carver on Halloween, ditch the square eyes and teeth and the triangle nose for something more original. How about polka dots or chevron? Try roasting the pumpkin seeds to give to trick-or-treaters. (Hey, you don’t have to give out candy!)
  • I got this one from Reader’s Digest. If you’re bringing drinks to a party, spray paint Perrier (or bottles like those) bottles white and draw faces on with a Sharpie. This will make bottle ghosts!
  • Did a liquid (excluding water) spill on your witch hat? All is not lost. That can become a potion stain!
  • If you play the violin or cello or viola, you could play Witches’ Dance by Paganini.
  • Carve turnips instead of pumpkins. That was what people originally did.
  • Don’t like spook? Halloween is a Christian holiday, but it was inspired by Western harvest festivals and festivals of the dead (obviously). Try leaning more on the autumnal, festive side. 

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