Poetry Cauldron: Halloween

A Spooky Atmosphere
The air feels creepy, and the full moon greets the night
With her team of witches and ghouls to give you a fright.
A jack-o-lantern has a toothy grin
And a black cauldron is filled with candy-potion to the brim.
It’s the scariest night you’ve ever seen,
For everyone knows–it’s Halloween!

Halloween Wisdom
If a princess or ladybug at the door says “Trick or Treat!”
You should be smart and give her a sweet.
If everyone is bringing pumpkins home
Don’t assume they’re making pumpkin pies
It’s more likely they’re carving on pumpkins spooky smiles.
If houses are decorated with R.I.P. gravestones and spiderwebs
Beware of blood and chopping of heads.
So now that I’ve given you this advice
Knowing just part of this will not suffice
Or you’d be caught unprepared
And your candy would be stolen, not shared!

Hey, it’s Luna. Poetry Cauldron would usually be Poetry Pot, but it’s Poetry Cauldron to get in the Halloween spirit. Also, if you are from a country who doesn’t celebrate Halloween (or at least not the way people do where I come from) remember these poems are only about one way Halloween is celebrated.



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