Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught! (The Daily Post)

So, I stroll into my reading list, whistling a tune (though I’m not very good at whistling, let alone “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”). And there it is: a Daily Prompt from the ever-inspiring blog of WordPress.com. I click on it, and it says, “What makes a teacher great? Photographers, artists, poets, show us GREATNESS.” Nothing can be more great about teachers than the ability to plant greatness in every kid, and then a few years later, for what seems just a few days later, the kid is all grown up and successful and visits the teacher to say, “How’s it going, Mrs. Leif? Thank you for inspiring me to become a software developer/chef/landscape architect…” Fill in whatever occupation you’d like.

In third grade, I discovered a hidden talent: WRITING, which did not make any sense because in previous years, I could never piece a story together right. I look at my second grade, first grade class stories/essays, and I bend over laughing because they are long forms of Reader’s Digest jokes. It was just a simple little paragraph, but my teacher saw potential in me that no one else could ever see. Then she helped water this tiny seed of a paragraph. And my fourth grade teacher is the inspiration for starting a blog. BOOM–looks like tiny seedling just got a growth spurt.

I wonder where teachers get their seeds that blossom into greatness. Certainly not from Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH), because in OSH I could only find stuff like poisoned snail food and clay pots. So where do they get it? The question remains a mystery. And I’ve also got another question for teachers. How do they plant their greatness seeds into their students? Do they put them in the cafeteria food and work with the cafeteria people to make sure that the food tastes good so kids will eat it?

Whatever the answer, I’m sure we can be taught to find out where our teachers are now so we can tell them that they must not be grading papers at night, but that they must be superheroes at night, and that it shows during the day.

PINGBACK: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/21/daily-prompt-greatness/


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