Daily Prompt: No Fair (The Daily Post)

Somehow, the human brain can separate right from wrong. And often, it does MISCALCULATIONS. Because after all, this is the human brain. Nobody’s perfect. But I think we can all get over the notion that appearance matters, and I’m human too. Appearance mattering is unfair. Appearance shouldn’t matter, but all these flaws in this society and our brains make it matter. In human society, we’ve got a definition of what you can wear to be considered businesslike: simple, not overly fancy, serious. The people who live by this are judging books by their covers, in my opinion. Does that mean that people who can never coordinate their colors, patterns, and clothes aren’t trustworthy or responsible?

There is even a TV show called What Not to Wear. This is unnecessary. In What Not to Wear, the hosts’ mission is to transform a person’s definition of what is trendy and what is not; what is acceptable to wear and what is not. But the transformed people’s clothes were okay in the beginning, and they weren’t inappropriate!

And no one can forget schools, especially middle schools, who have cliques based on a person’s appearance. For example: “Mariela has the weirdest clothes that are like, so outdated! And you’re friends with her, so you can’t be an Awesome Person like the rest of the people in the Awesome People club.” (If your name is Mariela, please note that I’m not referring to you.) See what I mean?

Computers and the Internet are as common as chickens, and in this world, I’m not going to try to reverse the notion of appearance mattering, but help convince people that appearance shouldn’t matter using this post. Thanks, WordPress!

But if I could work magic and invent spells, then I could reverse it. I just need to go to magic school and take up spells and how to reverse things.

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