RD October 2013 issue cover story

Hey, it’s Luna. Yes, I am a subscriber to Reader’s Digest. The October 2013 cover story is particularly interesting, because it’s a great debate on which will save America from obesity: processed food and organic, wholesome group. Seems like I’m only adding fuel to the fire in the blogosphere (what the heck, blogosphere?! Merriam-Webster should make it a word.), but in this case, the fire will help because we’re debating on which food will save America from obesity. I summarize each view and add my view as well.

View One (David H. Freedman, whose article sparked the debate): Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman are headed in the wrong direction. They think that processed food points to overweight people and obesity. But compare a Big Mac to an organic burger. The Big Mac is 550 calories, yet look at the organic burger, which is more than a thousand calories! And let’s compare an apple-blueberry-kale-carrot smoothie (300 calories per 16 ounces) to a a blueberry-pomegranate smoothie from McDonald’s, which is 220 calories. Real, wholesome food is fattening too. We have to give the fast-food industry a chance. Many fast-food restaurants are aware of obesity, and are trying to make their food healthier. Why can’t we all start thinking of solutions that will include fast food, but will still fix the obesity problem?

View Two: The fast-food industry just isn’t in the business of selling food you’d call healthy. That’s why they’re called fast-food, Freedman! We must choose more real food that is nutritious. We should not always depend on Burger King or McDonald’s to fix their meals, and most of their food is still junk. Trash. It will turn everyone’s bodies into landfills if they keep eating it!

Luna’s View: Hold on a second, everyone. We seem to be more centered around the calories than the healthfulness of the food. Of course real food can be fattening–no one should ever forget that almonds and nuts contain fats, and you can’t just feed on almonds and nuts for the rest of your life! The McDonald’s blueberry-pomegranate smoothie is 220 calories but has artificial flavors and some questionable ingredients. If we ever reach a solution to obesity, will this solution be a Pyrrhic victory? In other words, will all the obese people become thin, bony, anorexics once we’ve tried the solution on them? The solution I’ve got in mind has to include the healthy foods with the good fats, like omega 3. We must provide a solution that will fix all the unhealthy situations out there, not just obesity.


2 thoughts on “RD October 2013 issue cover story

  1. […] Shall I tell you of another land I’ve been to? It’s not as strange as Sandy Island, but it would be were it not for a civilization of bloggers flourishing by the whole milk and cream river like the Sumerians in Mesopotamia. In one of my posts, I attacked the RD October issue cover story. It was about the debate on what will save obesity: Big Mac or Big Organic. Now you’d think,  ”Who are the idiots who are making a big fuss on this? Big Organic, duh!” Actually, there’s more than meets the eye. Link: https://lunasimaginationigloo.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/rd-october-2013-issue-cover-story/ […]


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