Untitled story part 1

Hey, it’s Luna. I just wanted to tell you that Sandy Island was a real mistake made on many maps. It even was on Google Maps! There was no such island called Sandy Island.

Sandy Island had been deemed officially nonexistent (many maps had made this mistake) but to the residents it wasn’t a mistake, because Sandy Island was plenty real. But the way the residents spelled the name of the island was S-A-N-D-I-E.

On Sandie Island most of the creatures that lived there were magical creatures, because magic (not the phony rabbit and hat and card magic) was also real. There were numerous toadstool rings, which were fairy cities, in other words. Humans could be classified as Homo sapiens magica in the taxonomy system, which meant that they could perform small magic, such as curing small colds or the flu and fending off pests. In the Glass Reef which was next to a beach in Sandie Island, there were tribes of merfolk.

Some people on the island knew that Sandie Island didn’t officially exist and the whole point about the mapmaking misprint, but Amidala Maeve was not one of them. Amidala Maeve did not fill up her free time studying such trivial things, other than reading the weird-but-true section in the Diversity Dive magazine. She liked photography, visiting Toadstool Ring 0.6 repitent and Kolyi merfolk tribes, and collecting odd objects such as crayons and things Amidala Maeve thought funny to put in a scrapbook she called the Timeless Manual on Assembling Stomachaches and Tears. Cosmona had asked, “Why did you put in something about stomachaches and tears?”

“Because when you laugh really hard you get a stomachache and then you start crying,” Amidala Maeve answered.

“Because you think you ripped your appendix off?” Cosmona inquired.

“No, that’s just what happens when you laugh really hard.”


2 thoughts on “Untitled story part 1

  1. […] As a WordPress blogger and an avid abolitionist of M.Y.O.B. (just kidding), I have been in strange lands all the time. In lands similar to that of Chewandswallow and Mirkwood. But let’s keep it simple. In the ancient days of the Imagination Igloo, I was in the strangest land I’ve ever been in. That land? A mistake of an island called Sandy Island. You see, in the 1900s, I believe, cartographers made the mistake of putting this nonexistent Sandy Island on their maps. Since the island was always on the maps, Sandy Island appeared on even Google Maps. So I took matters in my own hands differently, when I should have said, “Shame on you, Google Maps. You’ve just wrecked your reputation.” I thought, what if Sandy Island really existed? I created my own world where magic and a subspecies of Homo sapiens existed. Where fairies fluttered and unicorns galloped, where mermaids swam. Here’s the link to the unfinished story I wrote about the Island: https://lunasimaginationigloo.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/untitled-story-part-1/ […]


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