Legend: How Day and Night Were Created (a tale inspired by Native American legends)

In the beginning, there was only black sky. There was no moon, there were no stars, nothing to decorate the empty perpetual black sky. All the creatures on earth developed big, luminous, bright eyes, to guide the way. Not much prospered, however; the plants, flowers, and trees were expected to grow very little.

Then, during one lucky harvest of food, some children were playing in the cornfields, rejoicing that there would be more than enough to feed a family. However, many of them were not aware that they were tossing precious corn kernels into the sky, which they were not allowed to do since it could mean the loss of food for a family. But now, as they tossed kernels, instead of dropping to the ground, the kernels rose up to the black sky and became the stars. A girl who was going into adulthood happened to see the children tossing kernels in the sky, and she joined in tossing a round yellow apple, which also rose into the sky and became the moon.

The apple moon was so big and there were so many kernel stars that suddenly, the black sky turned light blue, since the moon and stars are very bright. The stars had disappeared, but the apple remained and grew brighter and became the sun. All the people were dazzled. Now it was easier to see, and the trees, plants, and flowers grew taller. When it became dark, the children were relieved to see that the stars and moon they had created were still there.

During the springtime, white flowers bloomed. Again, the children were not allowed to tamper with nature (their parents feared it would displease the Creator), but they did anyways, tossing flowers up into the air. The white flowers swirled up into the air and the wind formed them into groups. These groups became the clouds.

Now today, the apple moon becomes brighter when the sky turns blue to remind the plants and flowers to keep growing taller. And when it turns dark, notice the stars and the moon in the skies and thank the children for making the days brighter.


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