Life on Mars and Europa

Earth: You know, Jupiter, I hear talk about life on one of your moons from scientists.

Jupiter: Which moon?

Earth: Europa. In one TFK issue, the cover story was about life on Europa.

Jupiter: Because Europa has an atmosphere? What’s TFK?

Earth: TFK stands for Time for Kids. It’s a science magazine for kids.

Mars: Guess scientists got tired of finding life on me, huh? Millions of years ago I did have life, and I miss it. Sure was a big responsibility, though.

Earth: Oh! So you did support life millions of years ago. How do Martians look like?

Mars: Humans here looked like your humans, except they were much, much taller and they had eye colors such as purple, turquoise, dark orange, and silver. Some had a condition that enabled them to change eye color whenever they wanted! And animals here were also really giant, bigger than anyone. People kept them as pets. The most popular animals had small heads, long necks, and big bodies. Kids loved to ride them.

Jupiter: I’d love to support life. But I’m a gas giant. Life would get all swirled up in my winds. And it would die out like crazy.

Earth: So Mars, those giant pets kids had would be dinosaurs!

Mars: But then it all died out because suddenly my water froze and no one was able to melt it. I wish I could support life again.

Earth: You’ve given me a lot of useful information. I’m going to tell it to the scientists right now!

Jupiter: But how? I don’t think scientists know that you can talk. If they heard it, everyone would probably hear a booming voice and scientists would move their attention to your voice.

Mars: Let’s just wait it out. It’ll take me a while to get used to the fact that I do support life.


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